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Numerous Vovinam seminars are organized in the world. First of all are the Seminars to update the technical level of the athletes, then the Belt examination training seminars, the Winter or Summer seminars, but there are also some seminars to prepare martial artists from other style in order to teach them Vovinam technique and to prepare them to spread Vovinam or simply to introduce them to Vovinam techniques.

There are thousands of Masters and instructors in the world that are teaching theses seminars; therefore it is very difficult for us to introduce them all here. However, if you have pictures and articles that you would like us to publish in this website just send them to us. They will be published free of charge. The pictures will have to follow some technical requirements according to characteristics such as number of pixels and kind of resolution and the volume in octets, but we will make no restriction on the content of the article.


We will never publish any article that would criticize or hurt morally people; whatsoever might be these persons, masters, instructors or simple martial artists.
Our goal is to spread Vovinam, not to make sports politics.
It is for this reason that everyone in Vovinam is invited; whatever might be his or her group, his or her association or federation.


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