In the world


  • The development of Vovinam in the world is, more than anything, the work of thousands of Vietnamese expatriates who, before or after the end of the Vietnam War, went abroad for social, humanitarian or political reasons.
  • It is by these masters or instructors that Vovinam was built abroad, leaving their native country and sometimes risking their life by doing so.
  • However, almost all of the Vietnamese organizations abroad do not recognize the post-war government of Vietnam (after 1975), which led to a kind of isolation of the Vovinam in Vietnam, if we may use these words, for Vovinam activities in Vietnam were not free as they used to be. Furthermore, Vietnam had neither national Vovinam federation nor international Vovinam federation.
  • Since 1996, with Patrick Levet’s work, the Intercontinental Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Association never stopped developing Vovinam in the world. However, a dramatic change was created in comparison to the expansion that Vovinam has had since the 70's: In fact, during the past three decades of Vovinam spreading the development of Vovinam in the world was only limited to the countries where the Vietnamese Community had settled. Patrick Levet would change that fact: he would travel himself to countries were Vietnamese Community was not present and he would develop Vovinam there.
  • Thanks to this tremendous change, and with the foundation of the Intercontinental Vovinam Federation, Vovinam would be introduced in many more countries.
  • In Red are the countries where Vovinam was introduced by Master Patrick Levet for the first time (There was no Vovinam in these countries before the work of Patrick Levet)
  • In Pink with a Red dot are the countries in which Vovinam was already present and in which the Intercontinental federation had member developing Vovinam and opening new clubs.
  • In Pink are the other countries member of the Intercontinental Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Association.
    Since 2009, the Intercontinental Vovinam Federation invited its members to join the World Vovinam Federation (WVVF) since Vietnam has now its own world federation.
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