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Dvds and books


On the one hand, a lot of Vietnamese martial arts styles beneficiate of numerous publications such as magazines and books in many countries, but in the other hand there are not much books and publications about Vovinam style.

Though we can find some books that give an idea of Vovinam and its technical versatility - these books have been published in different languages such as Italian (Maestro Marco Mastrulli and Maestro Michele Garofalo, Italian Union of Vovinam); in Spanish (first book of Patrick Levet, Alas Publishing, Barcelona, Spain) - but talking about books covering precisely the technical Vovinam program, as well as the history and the culture of Vietnam, there is for the moment only the two other books of Patrick Levet. The volume 1 published in 4 languages in 2006 in Singapore (English, French, Spanish and Romanian); the volume 2 published in French also in Singapore.
Another Vovinam book is about to be launched by Budo International Publishing Co, Madrid, Spain. That one will be certainly published in 6 or 7 languages, though we are waiting for the answer of the translation offices of this publishing house.

Professional DVD’s

The very first professional video documents about Vovinam techniques were created by Master Michel Sudorruslan (Sudo) in France through a martial arts magazine called Karaté-Bushido, at the beginning of the 90’s.

But the huge international Vovinam explosion would be produced in 1997 by Patrick Levet with the worldwide launching of the Vovinam video cassettes 1 and 2. The two tapes were proposed in 7 languages, which obliged the company to produce and stock 7 times more tapes and it was quite expensive for the producer.

Then, with the arriving of the DVD, the video files were digitalized and these tapes would be available in DVD too, through the same Spanish company. They would be then proposed with a multi language menu.
Later on, 2 more DVD's would be published, totalizing 4 Vovinam products in the Budo International Publishing catalogue. These DVD’s are now offered in 6 languages in 57 countries.
The aim of these DVD’s is to allow the learning of Vovinam techniques of various levels included superior levels, presenting the techniques by themes. The explanations are very precise, the camera angles are multiples and the DVD’s have a main menu, chapters, and several languages.
The DVD 5 is available since January 2013.

Non-profit DVD’s

In addition to the Professional DVD’s of Budo International Publishing, we propose 4 small DVD’s of the program belt by belt. These DVD’s are modest and are anything compared the Professional DVD’s since their content is completely different from those of Budo International Publishing. The purpose is simply to introduce the belt examination program, below the Black Belt.
Conceived to help poor countries without financial help, these 3 non-profit DVD’s are realized with few means.






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