About Us

The Vovinam World Expansion Office (WEO) is an international organisation working in coordination with the Intercontinental Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Association.
We have only one goal: Introduce Vovinam in more countries in the world.
To reach our goal, we are using every means and every modern or regular material such as Internet learning, technical DVD's, books, Video Conferences, traveling to the country, seminars, interactive pedagogical methods, etc.
We always try to help the poorest countries by offering them as much free pedagogical material as we can (DVD's, technical note books, etc...).
Absolutely everything we do is financed by our own money. We receive no subvention, no public or private budget to help us.

We follow strictly the Vietnamese Vovinam program, and especially the program taught in the Altar To Duong, 31, Su Van Hanh, Saigon, Vietnam.

The higher philosophical authority is the Grand Master Lê Sáng, Saigon, Vietnam.

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